• AntiHoleCamp
    Pulls players out of their holes.
  • AutoArmor
    Automatically puts on armor.
  • AutoBed
    Place and break beds in the nether automatically.
  • AutoCity
    City near players.
  • AutoCrystal
    Attacks nearby players by placing and breaking end crystals.
  • AutoMinecart
    Place and light TNT minecarts to nearby players.
  • AutoTrap
    Trap nearby players in obsidian.
  • AutoWeb
    Automatically place cobwebs to nearby players.
  • BowSpam
    Spam arrows with a bow.
  • Burrow
    Glitch a player into a block at its feet.
  • Criticals
    Deal a critical hit on ground.
  • HoleFiller
    Fills nearby holes with blocks.
  • KillAura
    Attack nearby entities.
  • Offhand
    Automatically put certain items in your offHand.
  • SelfTrap
    Traps the player by placing obsidian over your head.
  • Surround
    Place obsidian around you to prevent getting damage from nearby end crystals.
  • Trigger
    Attacks the entity in the crosshair.
  • WebFill
    Fill nearby holes with cobwebs.

  • AutoDupe
    Performs certain duplication glitches automatically.
  • Blink
    Save up packets and teleport you to a certain position.
  • EntityControl
    Allows you to ride entities without the saddle.
  • HandMine
    Allows you to pick blocks with your hand if you have a pickaxe in your hotbar.
  • InstantMine
    Mine blocks instantly.
  • Jesus
    Allows you to walk on water.
  • LiquidInteract
    Allows you to place blocks on water.
  • NoBreakAnimation
    Prevents block break animation server side.
  • NoEntityTrace
    Ignore entities in the crosshair.
  • NoFall
    Avoid damage from falls.
  • NoHandShake
    Prevents the client from sending the modlist to the server.
  • NoSwing
    Cancel swing packet/animation.
  • PacketFly
    Allows you to fly with packets.
  • PortalGodMode
    Allows you to stay in god mode if you go through a portal.
  • Reach
    Increase reach distance.

  • AimBot
    Automatically look at entities.
  • AutoEz
    Sends a custom message if you kill a player.
  • AutoFish
    Fish automatically.
  • AutoGap
    Automatically eats golden apples.
  • BuildHeight
    Lets you to interact with blocks at the build height limit.
  • ChatSuffix
    Display a custom message after the player sends a message.
  • ChestInteract
    Steal, store or drops items from a chest.
  • CrackedUtils
    Performs /register and /login automatically for cracked servers.
  • DisableFriends
    Disable friends feature. Ideally for duels.
  • DiscordRPC
    Displays a custom discord rich presence.
  • FakePlayer
    Summon a client-side fake player to test modules.
  • FastPlace
    Prevents the click delay timer.
  • HotBarRefill
    Refill items from your inventory to your hotbar.
  • MiddleClickFriends
    Add friends by clicking the wheel button in mouse.
  • MiddleClickPearl
    Throw an ender pearl by clicking the wheel button in mouse.
  • NoGlitchBlocks
    Removes invisible blocks.
  • NoRotate
    Prevents server-side rotations. This may desync you from the server.
  • NoSoundLag
    Prevents lag from sound packets.
  • SpeedMine
    Mine blocks faster.
  • Timer
    Speed up the game.
  • TotemPopCounter
    Counts totem pops from players.
  • XCarry
    Carry items in the crafting slots.
  • YawLock
    Locks yaw in a certain direction.

  • Anchor
    Stop movement over a hole.
  • AntiVoid
    Prevents to fall into the void.
  • AutoWalk
    Walks automatically.
  • BoatFly
    Allows you to fly with a boat.
  • EntitySpeed
    Increases the speed of rideable entities.
  • FastSwim
    Swim faster.
  • Flight
    Allows you to fly.
  • HoleTP
    Teleports you to nearby holes.
  • LongJump
    Jump further.
  • NoSlowDown
    Prevents slowing when eating or keeping inventory open.
  • ReverseStep
    Makes you fall faster.
  • Scaffold
    Places blocks on your feet around you.
  • Speed
    Allows you go fast.
  • Sprint
    Holds down your sprint key.
  • Step
    Step up blocks.
  • Velocity
    Modify the velocity you take.
  • WebBypass
    Prevents slowing while in contact to a web.

  • BlockHighlight
    Highlights the block in your crosshair.
  • BreakESP
    Highlights blocks that people break.
  • BurrowESP
    Highlights blocks that people are inside.
  • Chams
    Changes the color of entities.
  • CityESP
    Highlights city blocks.
  • ColorEnchant
    Change the color of the enchantment glint.
  • CrystalESP
    Highlights ender crystal entities.
  • Freecam
    Allows you to move your camera away from you.
  • FullBright
    Turns up brightness.
  • HoleESP
    Highlights hole blocks.
  • ImageESP
    Render images over players.
  • ItemPhysics
    Change the item physics.
  • ItemViewModel
    Allows you to change your item view perspective.
  • LogoutSpot
    Render logout spot from players.
  • Nametags
    Draws nametags with armor and more info over players.
  • NoRender
    Prevents to render certain things.
  • OffHandSwing
    Swing always with offhand.
  • Skeleton
    Renders a skeleton on players.
  • SkyColor
    Change the color of the sky.
  • StorageESP
    Highlights storage blocks.
  • TabFriends
    Display friends in tab with other color.
  • Tooltips
    Render maps or shulker content in the hud.
  • Tracers
    Draws tracer lines to players.
  • Trajectories
    Shows the trajectory throwable items.
  • ViewClip
    Change the distance in third person.
  • VoidESP
    Highlights blocks over void.
  • Wallhack
    Allows you to see through walls.
  • WebESP
    Highlights cobwebs.